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Training Services
Consulting Services SteelBlue Solutions provides various training workshops and classes for teaching Microsoft technologies, as well as general software architecture. Our method of teaching deviates from the traditional book/lab-oriented approach in favor of a real-world/best-practices style. We realize that sitting in a classroom, listening to an instructor speak all day is not an easy thing so we believe in keeping training interesting, exciting, and fun.
Part of our training approach is to take each point, cover the theory, then jump into the code. We pride ourselves in writing all our code together with the class from scratch. While some believe this approach raises the risk of introducing buggy code or design issues, we maintain that fixing problems and correcting bad design is part of the process that developers will encounter in the real-world.
Best-Practice Teaching
Lerning language syntax, object-oriented concepts, and data access is important for all developers but are still only fundamentals. Putting it all together into an actual application, complete with layering and design patterns is what turns a programmer into a developer. SteelBlue Solutions teaches while actually building, ensuring that developers leave with the skills to deliver real-world solutions that are designed and written well, maintainable, and extensible.
Classroom Training
SteelBlue Solutions has partnered with other reputable training firms to provide in-classroom training. Visit our 'events' section to see any upcoming training classes being held. In-classroom training is also a great way to network with other developers who come from various corporate backgrounds, and possibly have different development practices.
On-Site Training
SteelBlue Solutions provides on-site training at your location of choice anywhere in the country (and even outside of it). Contact us to come into your company and provide training for 5 or more developers in a variety of topics.
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